Our production unit offers great production flexibility in traditional and SMD assembly and allows us to manage prototypes and small series as well as large productions.
Our skills have earned us the trust of several players in various sectors: Telecommunications, Industrial, Medical, Railway, Military, IT, Security, etc.
Each client is the attentive object of the quality services we offer.
PIC puts at your disposal a team with more than 15 years of industrial experience.

Pre-production services :

Study - Design - Development of circuits, sub-assemblies or complete systems.

  •     Advice and choice of components.
  •     Advice and choice of packaging.
  •     Production of prototypes.
  •     LABO Pre-conformity test C.E.M.


Production Services :


  •     Supply management.
  •     PCB assembly in traditional and SMD technology.
  •     Assembly of complete systems.
  •     System integration, custom wiring.
  •     Packaging
  •     Mono and bi-component coating (Potting)
  •     Protective coating.

Post-production and after-sales services:

  •     Functional testing
  •     Repair and maintenance of electronic equipment
  •     Climatic testing
  •     Pre-qualification C. E. M.

Description of activities


  •  Complete (from idea to final product) or partial
  • PCB layout
  • Realization of production file
  • ...


Electronic production

  • Assembly of printed circuit boards in pass-by and SMD technology.
  • Assembly of complete systems.
  • System integration; customised wiring.
  • Varnish protection (coating).
  • Mono and bi-component potting.


  • Functional testing.
  • EMC pre-qualification.
  • Climatic tests.

Reproduction of "old" products

  • Electronic card.
  • Complete product.
  • ...

Other services

  • Small mechanics.
  • Design of moulds for injected parts.
  • Injection of "plastic" parts.
  • ...

Some customers


  • France : KIS, Liebherr, Flextronics, Axe-Group, Spectralys, TCM, Techmaflex, TIM.
  • Benelux : ABB, ACT’L group, ADB, AGC Flatglass, Carwall ( CATERPILLAR ), CP Bourg, Damovo, Fabricom ( groupe SUEZ ), FN Herstal, Ideatec, Macq Electronique, Solaris PAC, Transurb, Ubidata, Unica.
  • Italie : Lofrans.
  • Europe de l'Est : Celestica, Axe-group.
  • UK : WD Allen.

USA : Pana Pacific.

China: APW, Celestica.

Fields of activity

Automotive - civil engineering equipment, electrical distribution, railways, industry, medical, military, telecom, transport, ...