It began in 1976, when Jean Angelino Laini takes over G-fix, a small Venetian blinds workshop.
He finds the product interesting. At that time, the 25 mm Venetian blind was little known and he fits it on opening casement, against the glass.
In 1982, he creates company BIPP-BIPP, commercial interface that substitutes 4 years later the original production of assembling Venetian blinds.

The product will continue to grow exponentially and problems of supply in raw material appear, in addition to lengthy delivery times, which pushed the company to change strategy.

Following a study carried out in 1987 who concludes the necessity to control the supply in raw material, Jean Laini, with the support of Sambrinvest, will set up a company of manufacturing components for blinds named PIC LTD.

In 1995, PIC moved to the industrial area of Heppignies West, adjacent to the airport Brussels South. This new building has significant advantages for a growing business (proximity to major highways, easy access for customers, an area for expansion…). At this moment, the company decides to offer its components through assemblers blinds all over the world. Thus, PIC components could be found in a lot of countries like: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco, Finland, Great Britain, Turkey, Canada, etc.

In the early 2000s, Pic provides 90% of the components used in Venetian blinds. It lacks one of the main components of the Venetian blind, aluminum slats. For several years, the focus is on developing its own range of colors now available in more than 150 colors and several widths, namely 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm or 50 mm. Of course, the demand increases every year and the need for a stock more consistent occurs. That is why in 2009, a new wing was built with easier loading dock and a larger deposit.

In 2011, a productive partnership between companies Dalex, Tecnosystem and PIC, is initiated in order to expand product lines and catchment areas.

Through its research and development department, the window blackout and solar protection of several prestigious buildings was carried out with custom blinds components created on demand of architects.

Currently, PIC is one of the few industries international market sizes on the production of blindscomponents with two distinct lines of services.
The first is the realization of personalized project at the request of the client (from the creation of the smallest component to complete installation of workshop).
The second relates to the production and supply of components for window solar protection in large quantities and ranges (vertical stripes, Venetians, roller screen, mosquito net, Japanese panels ...).